Science Of Living In Hinduism

World over people are looking for eco friendly and sustainable development and progress. In this process of development, the scientists and other scholars are searching for products and process having no side effects or minimum side effects. The modern science , during the last 150 years could give a lot to the human beings. Many of those process and produces have many negative effects, even though those scientific achievement could take us to an ultra modern method of living.

However these developments or progress have major negative points, particularly on the psychological, physiological, family and social abnormalities. Variety of diseases have come to the surface, which appears to be more than 40, for which absolutely no cure has been hitherto achieved. The number of psychosomatic diseases is touching nearly 150 and many physiological abnormalities have now been attributed to basically starting from psychological problems. And these psychological problems have their origin in the modern life style.

We need a cure and a solution as far as possible . Modern medicines and doctors may give temporary relief. A permanent solution cannot be achieved in the modern system for many problem. Hence it is advised that every good thing from the modern system is mixed with every good thing from the ancient India to remove all the bad things present in both and to generate a new life style . A life style to enjoy every good of the scientific achievements through some of the good traditional methods. This infact, is the SCIENCE OF LIVING. The simple method to readjust our life style and getting adjusted ourselves for leading a happy life, to the extent possible. All the informations given here are scientifically proven also. Hence it is called science of living Try to adopt these life style and examine the change in your health , both psychological and physiological. Kindly inform us how do you feel when passing through the procedures advised here.

Let us learn, teach and practice the valuable Indian heritage knowledge. The heritage of our motherland is very precious we are ignorant about it. The science has shown us the pathway to understand those concepts present in Indian knowledge. Learn and practice all the following advice as far as possible in your life. If they are good and fetching results, inform others also.
Try to conduct series of classes and give opportunities for others also to learn this technique
Routine Customs and manners to be followed in our daily life:
I. Early Morning
a. One should wake up at least 30 minutes before the sunrise. This is the auspicious time to rise. Our brain and mind will be fresh and have maximum positive energy.

b. During sleep in the night , we are lying parallel to the earth ( horizontal) for about 4 - 8 hrs and in this lying position, the heart requires less force to pump the blood to other part of the body. I.e. the heart has to strain at a lower rate only. But when we wake up and stand all of a sudden, from the bed, the heart has to exert more pressure for pumping the blood to the vertical body. This is because, when we stand the blood circulation is in favour and also against the gravitational force of the earth. This naturally increases the work force of the heart as compared to the lying stature on the bed. To avoid the sudden change of the pressure , the lying posture should be changed to vertical posture slowly. Hence it is advised to sit on the bed for two to three minutes.

c. One who has faith in prayer, can utilise this time conveneintly for prayer. In Hindu way of life this prayer is adopted while sitting on the bed at the time of waking up in the morning : karagre vasathey Lakshmi kara madhye saraswati karamoole sthithaa gouri prabhate kara darsanam … the meaning is very simple: knowledge, power and wealth depend on the work with your hand. For making us sit for some more time the second part of the prayer is added: Samudra vasane devi parvatha sthana mandithe vishnu pathni namasthubhyam paada sparsam kshamaswame. Oh ! mother earth, where the mountains are part of your body and you are the wife of Lord Mahavishnu. May I perform my pranam to you. While praying these lines, almost 60 seconds duration of leisure is given to the heart to change the state of work from a lower load to a higher level and the heart gets accustomed with this. Modern scientific studies have proven that about 23 % of the heart attacks of the heart pateint take place when they suddenly get up from the bed or chair, particulary at early morning after a long duration of rest/lying/sitting position. Hence this prayer has a physiological benefit as far as health point of view is concerned.

d. Modern scientific studies have proven that mouth, teeth and tongue get contaminated with the action of some bacteria and due to certain enzymes in the saliva during the long duration of night sleep. This will adversely affect the health if taken in . It has also been prove that some of the degraded products generated in the mouth are amines, which may be carcinogenic in nature. These compounds should not go into the stomach hence one should avoid taking bed coffee/tea. At least avoid taking the coffee before cleaning the teeth. Grandparents use to give such advice.
e. During the long sleep, static electricity may be generated in our body, particularly if the climatic condition is dry and if lying is on the synthetic fibre bed. This electricity is generated because of the rubbing of the body with the bed surface which is better to be released through fingers, instead of feet. Hence we chant a mantra and touch the earth/floor with our fingers , in a way we worship the mother earth with the above mentioned manthra ( Samudra vasanee Devi….)
II. Early morning bath
a. Generally, we are accustomed to use the fan through out the year, in all seasons . Due to this, the sweat produced on the surface of the body gets dried up very fast and the water evaporates leaving out the salts and decomposed protein materials on the surface of the skin. This decomposed products are urea, ammonia compounds, salts and nitrogenous waste products. To remove all these water soluble waste products morning bathing has been made a custom in our life. And this custom was linked with spiritual life to get a strong bondage .
b. Use of soaps, which is an alkaline product of oil, is very common now a days. Alkali rich soaps are also common now, which removes even the inherent protective fat coating of the body . Removal of even the natural fat layer exposes our skin to all sorts of microorganisms in the air. It is well known that the skin is composed of lipoprotein layers, and the skin temperature with moisture give an ideal surrounding for the growth of the microorganisms. Skin diseases are caused due to the complete removal of the fat/oil layer on the surface of the skin. Hence, in India, it is advised to have oil bath at intervals atleast twice in a week

c. A cold water bath refreshes you to a very great extent. When cold water is poured on the body, the body temperature gets reduced on the surface, just below the skin. In order to maintain the normal temperature of 37.3 degree, the body metabolism and blood circulation increase. This increase gives high level of cleaning in the body because of more efficient filtration of the blood through kidney, and outside the body, by normal cleaning with water. The increase in metabolic rate in the body activates every cell.

d. The sick can opt for hot water bath as advised in the traditional way. This elevates the surface temperature of the body and to maintain the body temperature constant, sweating takes place in concurrent with the increase in the blood circulation. Both, sweating and increase in the blood circulation / filtration results in lowering the blood impurities and fastens the curing. Hence hot water bath has a positive effect.

e. After taking the bath, in ponds and rivers, the person use to stand for few minutes giving tharpana, to the forefathers, facing south. Whatever may be the science of this ritual, this gives us an opportunity to remember the sacrifices made by our forefathers for bringing us up. It also reminds us on our responsibility to the next generation. It can console us and give a spiritual feeling in the mind. More over standing with water drops in the head and body, improves immunity and body resistance.
III. Prayer after bath
Throughout India, even in the intense cold zones, morning bath proceeds with the prayer and poojas. As you have seen that the mouth and teeth wash cleans part of the body, the hot/cold water bath cleans external body completely and also inside the body . Next comes, the cleaning of the mind. The common ‘dirts’ accumulated in our mind are the vengeance, anger, over attachment, over ambition, jealousy, pacimism, and so on. These feelings we carry mainly because of the thought that “we are perfect”. If we know our own qualifications and disqualification, merits and demerits , then we can know ourselves. Knowing ourselves is the highest level of knowledge. Here, the prayer helps us to recognize ourselves, as one among the billions and billions of the creatures created by the almighty, the omnipotent, omnipresent power. The morning prayer with self analyses for a few minutes gives us the light on ourselves. Thus the prayer will clean our mind. In modern sociology and biochemistry, spirituality and psychology have a powerful role to play .

b. Meditation for 10 - 15 minutes is very good for the activation and refreshing of the brain. It refreshes the brain cells. The beta level of brain is a state when the brain produces electric waves of 13.5 and above cps ( Cycles per second). Alpha state produces 8.5 - 13 .5 cps electric waves, it is a shallow state of meditation. The delta state goes further down to a medium state of mediation. Going further down to theta level is very difficult for common man. But in these meditation states, the brain cells and the body get fully activated. Memory, thinking capability and temper affect very positively by meditation, in the morning. The study and practice of meditation have become the part of the curriculum even in the developed countries.

c. After meditation, one can follow the autosuggestion method. This is said to be the best method for curing the ailments of the body and also maintaining a healthy body. Any illness can be cured to a great extent by autosuggestion. Keeping right palm on the centre of the head and giving instructive suggestions to the brain to cure the illness by bringing the part of the body to the mind. This has to be continued for few days. The body starts adjusting and becomes free from the problems. Even our mental attitude can be changed with the autosuggestion, just like the physiological problems.

d. Many psychosomatic problems, blood pressure, heart problems and other abnormalities can be slowly cured by passing through autosuggestion, if they are not acute

e. Now through the rituals, refreshing the bone joints is undertaken. Majority of us are not in the habit of doing exercise in the morning. This generally leads to rigidity in the skeleton joints. A hard and strenous exercise can lead to over strain to heart muscles and other parts of the body, leading to heart problem and BP. The best and harmonious exercise for the body is said to be Suryanamaskar. This is a combination of seven yoga asanas and known as the king of the exercises. Hence performing Suryanamaskara (depending upon your age, physiological conditions and health the number can vary from four to ten) will give flexibility to muscles, cleaning the muscles, smoothening the skeleton joins and also purification of blood due to increased blood circulation to all the tissue corners of the body.

f. For the first few days, the number of Suryanamaskara should be limited to three or four, and slowly it can be increased depending upon the physiological conditions.. After Suryanamaskara one can also perform the sava asana for giving rest for few minutes to the body muscles, lungs and heart. This can follow muscle loosening rest to the body. Start from the toe of the leg, keep the muscles of the feet rigid for two three seconds and loosen. Repeat it for few times. Then ankle muscle, then leg muscle and come slowly upwards. Every muscle is to be tightened for few seconds and suddenly loosened, by doing so musclular fibres undergo harmonius exercise.

g. Pranayama can be performed after the Suryanamaskara If it is difficult for controlling the breath, Pranayama can be performed later at a convenient time also. This can be performed as a part of the meditation also. It is left to the choice of the person. During Pranayama the carbon dioxide generated and accumulated in the blood can be removed very fast and further purification of the blood takes place by enriching with oxygen.

h. There are many instructors who can give training for the pranayama. However if you have experience on Pranayama follow that method. Or try to learn from a good scientific teacher. Otherwise a simple method given here may be followed. Imagine a square abcd, having four sides, ab, bc, cd, da. Fix that square in your mind. Now as the first step , imagine that your mind is moving through a to b, simultaneously TAKE AIR SLOWLY INSIDE. Now imagine that your mind is moving through b to c, simultaneously RETAIN THE AIR INSIDE during that period. As the third step think that your mind mind is moving through c to d and RELEASE THE AIR slowly. And as the last step ( of the first set of pranayama) think that your mind is going through d to a and during this PERIOD KEEP THE LUNGS EMPTY . Repeat this process. This is controlled breathing, or Pranayama. Try to concentrate your mind on the brain or on the flow/movement of air.

i. Once the early morning programs are over , we can routinely enter into the next part. The food habit explained here is to be followed as far as possible. Depending upon the age, health condition, male/female sex and other physiological conditions, minor modifications may be made in the above procedures.

j. It is better to avoid the foods and drinks before performing the above morning customs, and Suryanamaskara.

k. After suryanamaskara and Pranayama, you can take one or two glass of Tulasi water. This can be prepared by mixing few tulasi leaves in hot water and keeping for half an hour. This water contains all the medicinal decoction of the leaf of holy basil, which can improve blood circulation and act as curative agent for many abnormalities in the body. This can also improve blood circulation and removal of the waste materials, excess sugar, salt and degraded product form the blood. In short the decoction can purify blood by washing it .
l. After 10 - 15 minutes , tea or coffee can be taken. Even though there are many opinions on taking the coffee/tea, it is left to the discretion of the individuals. Many naturopathy experts say that coffee and tea should be avoided.

IV. Daily food habits
a. Those who are following the science of living methods for physiological problems, they should strictly follow the vegetarian food system. It should be treated as a way of life. As far as possible fish, egg and chicken also should be avoided
b. Many of the traditional soft foods are good for digestion and health. The home made foods containing large amount of vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables etc. are excellent .
c. Some fruits should be included in every day food . Even the ordinary fruits like papaya, guava, wood apples, which we consider cheap contain significant amount of nutrition and micronutrient. They are very good for tropical climatic condition, to provide a variety of nutritional constituents. Hence atleast some of them should become the part of the food
d. Lemon juice is an excellent source of citric acid which is the most important component in the Creb’s cyclic / citric acid cycle. Hence, when one feels tired or weak lemon juice with sugar/salt should be taken as an ideal healthy natural drink
e. As far as possible taking the so called ‘energy ‘food may be avoided, because it may retard the inherent capacity of the body to choose the micronutrient from the natural food sources. As it is very clear that directly feeding vitamins in the required quantity, make body ‘lazy’ for selecting the same components from the vegetarian foods.
f. whenever possible, raw vegetable and fruit items can be included in the food. However, even though it is advised to take some vegetables without removing skin, it is advisable only if the surface of the vegetable are hygienically perfect and clean. The skin may contain, pesticide residue, dirt, bacteria or other microorganisms.
V. Interim food chart
Some of the food items need not be taken every day. However, intake of the same once or twice in a week will be of great advantage for the smooth functioning of the body.
b. Atleast twice a week, one can take supper prepared by cooking brown rice with the bran and green gram dal mixed with small amount of coconut. This mixture provides an excellent source of carbohydrate, protein and fat with enough fibre. ( The green gram dal with skin (husk) is ideal for this purpose)
c. Every day one of the food items must contain different type of leafy vegetables. This provides the required amount of iron, tocopherols and other micro nutrients
d. Once in a week, one of the food items can be prepared in a wrought iron kadai (vessel) which will contribute to solve the deficiency of iron required (at 2 milligram iron equivalent perday) for the body. For vegetarians , deficiency of iron has been one of the problems and this can be solved by the above method. Even though iron vessel ( not steel vessels) cooked food items may be slightly black, due to iron content, try to adjust. Beans and vegetables which do not contain polyphenolic materials, may not give black colour when cooked in wrought iron vessel. (remember that the use of iron vesel for frying food items will not contribute to the iron in the food)
f. It may be an ideal practice to follow fasting, which is known as vratham or upavasam. This is an ideal custom for cleaning the intestine. If possible, take few glasses more water during the fasting. Excess salt, sugar and many other decomposed product will be removed while fasting.
g. Many of the allopathic medicines are good for curing specific diseases. But it may sometimes create a new problem. However, we cannot avoid taking some of the modern medicines. But remember, after few hours, take large quantity of water. This will wash out excess drug material from the body and creates only minimum drug based side effects in the body.
h. Instead of taking tonics for enriched micronutrients , the nature has given variety of fruits, vegetables etc as their rich source. All the chemical based drugs can contain lot of bye products whose real effect on the body is still unknown. Hence best way is taking natural and nutritionally rich materials for solving the deficiency of the micronutrients. Almost all the natural products are adjustable with the human metabolic system of the body.
It is also to be remembered that many tonics which are advertised , have more flavouring materials, chemicals and colourants and packed in attractive packets merely for attracting the attention of the common men. The taste, appearance and attraction need not contribute to the expected food value
VI Mental state
It is very well known to Indians that physiology and psychology go together as far as the health is concerned. It is clearly mentioned in Charaka Samhitha that the mental and physical health are complimentary to each other. The happiness and unhappiness of the mind affects the body and also the health of the body affect the mind. So it is important to see that mental health is suitably maintained to get a happy life.
a. The state of mind plays an equally important role in the health of the body. Just like the food is for the body, thought is for the mind.
b. Mentally, one should have a positive outlook and vision. Many mental attitudes will negatively contribute to the health. This is well known to Indians and also proven by modern science.
c. One should keep positive thinking and mental stature. Optimism, pleasant facial expression, positive thoughts, positive approach in the work, in the home and in the office, should be practiced at least slowly.
d. A philosophical outlook on the success and failures can fetch lot of consolation and contentment. Reducing the anger, greed, jealousy, over ambition, etc are the best method to build up mental health
e. Take shelter in good music, mantras, meditation or pranayama once you feel tired (mentally). Whenever you feel exhausted, sit 10 mins, in a good and comfortable place, do Pranayama or deep breathing. It will fetch lot of energy for the mind and body.
f. Try to discuss your bad situation or tension, failures in the day today life, with a good friend, family member, parents or good neighbor, or even to a teacher whom you have full faith and friendship. Follow their suggestions for solving the problem, after thorough analyses.
g. Doing good, thinking good, talking good, behaving good and spending time for good things should be the watch word , one should at least try to follow wherever possible.
VI. Some more tips for good health
a. Some of the very common and simple illness like cough, fever, cold, inflamation, body pain, headache, etc need not require any chemical based drug if they are not very serious. Majority of them, can be solved by simple natural medication or rest. Thus avoid those drugs as far as possible
b. At times one should walk in dizzling rain so as to get body resistance towards cold, fever, etc. Spent few hours or minutes by manually working in the garden. This will give a smoothening experience to muscles, skeletal system and also to the mind. However depending upon the health of the individuals the time and load of the work can be adjusted. Profuse sweating will also remove lot of body wastes.
c. In India it is told that hitha a ahaara and mitha aayaasaa are the two aswini devathas. I.e for good health the two requirements are good food and suitable exercise .
d. Some of the important medicinal constituents are commonly included in our day to day food. Continue to use those components, which can give flavor and also medicinal effect while using as food itself. Asafoetida, turmeric, black pepper, coriander, dill, cumin, ginger, garlic, etc are medicinal food products.
e. Yogacharya and yoga asana are the best for the health of the mind and body. Hence try to follow some of those charyas in the morning itself.
VIII. Some more tips for improving mental health
a. Donot think too much on your body, the problems on day to day life or about the future.
b. Do not worry too much on the minor illness, and see that our body can cure and adjust for majority of these problems by internal resistance and immunity.
c. Study and follow some of the good messages given in Bhagavath geetha to get the stabilized view on life i.e stabilised vision on success and failures and also on variety of problems in our life
d. Try to develop some hobbies, preferably learning some heritage knowledge. This will give a lot of confidence, and positive vision . Reading, discussing and teaching some of the great knowledge based materials will definitely give lot of leisure to body and mind
e. Donot contribute for any bad things from your side. Donot see bad, and donot talk and hear bad, donot produce bad, as far as possible. Because when you create something bad, you are the person physiologically affected to the maximum level.
f. Donot talk without thinking, donot do any work without assessing the whole situation, donot jump into conclusion on anything without knowing the facts.
g. Avoid discussing, seeing and hearing news, which can create the feelings like hatred, fear, jealous, sorrow and disappointment, present in the newspaper in the early morning. These news items may be read little later , if at all one wants to read it. ( the early morning clean mind should not be polluted with such news).
h. Analyze many of the Indian rituals and customs and try to follow which you feel ideal for leading a better life. Many of these customs are good for physiological, psycological, family based and social life and health.

There are many good things and deeds in our life for leading a good life. Let us take all the appropriate things for our life for leading a happy and pleasant living experience. Every one should think that the few years we are getting, for leading a good life, should be fruitfully utlised. One thing is definite, one day we have to go back. Before that we should do something. That ‘something’ we can opt for doing good for us and others. Thus science of living is really scientific living. Useful living for us and for our nation.
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