Padmasana Best asana for Japa and Meditation

Padmasana is the best asana for Meditation. padmasanam is one of the well-known asanas and holds the pride of place among sitting postures. lt easily fits into the definition of Patanjali on asana, "Sthira SukhamAsanam" which define asanas as staying steady and comfortable, Padmaasana, especially its important variation Badhapadmaasana.completely immobilizes the limbs and gives steadiness to the yogi's posture. The stretch experienced in all the stubborn joints, as the neck. Shoulders, elbows, wrists lower back, hip. knees, ankles and toes makes it I complete posture.

lt gives a very firm base for sitting for pranayama, Japa or study. No doubt it holds the fascination of many yoga aspirants.According to Sri Sureshwaracharya, the first Pithdhipathi of Sringeri sankaraMutt, Padmaasana, along with swastika, gomukha, and Hamsa are known as Brahmaasanas, as given in the last Ullasa (chapter) in Manasollasa, an authentic, elaborate commentary on sri Sankarabhagavatpada's, Daksliinamurti Ashtakam. Then Nrisirnha, Garuda, Kurma and Naaga are known as Vaishnavaasanamsand Vira, Mayura,Vajra and Sidha are Rudraasanas. Yoni asana is known among Saaktha group and Paschimottaanasana, is a Saiva Asanam.
Other Asanas

Svastikam, gomukham, padmam, hamsaakyam, Bhrahmamaasanam! Nrisimham, garudam, kurmam, naagakhyam. Vaishnavaasanam, Virami, Mayuram, Vajraakhyam, sidhakhyam, rudramaasanam! Yonyaasanamviduhu. Saaktham. Saivam paschimataanakahym. 
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