Ardhanareswara Concept in Hinduism

Hindus worship of God is not restricted to any particular ritual or rite.Vedantha says "EAKAM SATH VIPRA BAHUTHA VADANTHI"-There is only one and only one truth and vipras (people who attained the ultimate truth) call it in many names. Hindu rituals of worshiping god are enormous. since nature, thoughts, culture are different in each man, so a particular method of worship can never be adopted by everyone. someone likes to worship god as mother (parashakthi), someone likes to see god as father(Jesus crist),someone as friend, lover, son etc. Worship of Ardhanareswara is very famous in INDIA.

Ardhanareswara means union of shiva(pure consciousness) and shakthi(Cosmic energy).The concept behind this Ardhanaerswara is modern and scientific. It represents saguna (active) and nirguna(inactive) nature of creator. God is the latent energy in all living and non living in the universe. our universe is the manifestation of God. The saguna and nirguna nature is present in every creature and object in the universe. Shive means pure consciousness, which is inactive, innocent, self, amorphous and Shakthi represents the active, quality and manifesting side of god.

SHAKTHI IS THE SELF AWARENESS IN SHIVA. Without shakthi Shiva is not even able to move. In fact Shiva and shakthi are ONE. They are not separable, like digestion power is not separable from fire, Light is not separable from sun. Shakthi is Shivas nature and shiva itselfScience has now discovered that This Universe might be evolved from Consciousness
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